I’m Deplao.

A daughter, online marketer

working from home &

planning to travel around the world.

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"She's ambitious, resilience and persistent with her goals. She has grown a good set of skills of being an online marketer, delivered great results, made clients happy."

Ty Tran (Real Estate Investor)

Who am I?

From a woman coping with depression to a life enjoyer

Hi gorgeous,

I’m Deplao. An author at heart, storyteller since born, and goal-seeker for a decade. Plus, an online marketer working from my dear home.

I began to ask my mother: “What is my life purpose?” when I was 12.

When 23, I found nhokhungdideplao.com, the original Vietnamese version of Cgiff.blog.

When I was 24, I finally found my life goal after experiencing depression in 4 years (20 – 24).

One question. 12 years to answer.

When 25, I focused full-time on Cgiff.blog, a blog for women want to work as online marketers to travel around the world.

I’ll create the greatest project ever. But at this time, Cgiff.blog is just a tiny blog. On this exciting journey, it’s so nice to see you drop by.

Let’s start a friendship and make it last long.

P.s: I’m writing 7 fiction in 35 years as a way to complete my life goal. Click here to support my journey.

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Free Checklist:

“10 Best Freelance Niche to Travel Around The World?”

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