14 Best Courses and Tools Help Me Travel Around The World

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You want more money but don’t know how? Let’s use the method that has proven working well since 1937 – I did create a journal template for you.

Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning i get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Let me be frank: Travelling around the world while making ends meet is hard. 

Many “guru” out there may say it easy… (yeah, maybe, at their level), but for all beginners, the game is usually cruel than they can handle.  Many gave up along the way (including my friends!)

But I believe we somehow can still do it, even you start in 2020, when the online marketing world is too crowded already. You still can do it.

If you are armed with knowledge.

Here are 9 courses and tools that DID help me armed myself with the knowledge to travel around the world.

I owned it many thanks. Today I’ll share my secret with you.

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  1. Six-figure Blogger Course

Six-figure Blogger is an online course hosted by Alex and Lauren.

They run 2 VERY profitable blogs, it’s createandgo.com and avocadu.com. Both blogs give them a 6-figure income per year. On average, they earn around 100k per month.

In the 6-figure Bloggers Course, Alex and Lauren teach others the exact strategy they did to make a blog from $0 to 6-figure income.

I bought this course in Oct 2019, when I was stressed while blogging but not seeing any significant results.

I always wanted to travel around the world, to make my blog become my own business, but during my way, I couldn’t image this journey was so hard without a clear destination.

It was no similar to the 9-to-5 job when you were given clear tasks, clear goals.

In blogging, I was drowned with tons of tasks to do, every task I didn’t familiar with.

Moreover, I couldn’t detect what task would help me towards my goals as earning income to travel around the world.

Then 6-figure Bloggers come as an eye-opener for me.

I didn’t know how it went with others, but to me, I thought the course worth my money when I read the strategy in part 2 of the course.

As respect to the creators, I can’t reveal what I learn. In short: it was a stress relief when I could see the destination in my blogging journey.

Thanks to 6-figure Blogger, I’m no get lost on my way.

I’m still nowhere near 6-figure. But I’m working towards it every day.

It has to be $1000, then 4-figure per month, then 5-figure per month, then 6-figure per month.

This journey can take 5 years, 10 years, but it worth going.

The best I learn from 6-figure Blogger: 

  • Blogging with purpose from the beginning.
  • 3 things to focus while blogging for money.

Earning potential:

  •  From $0 to 6-figure, depend on your execution.
  • Earning money as a side hustle with an affiliate for 6-figure Bloggers. Alex and Lauren offer 365 days of cookies. Quite generous, I think.


  • $297 for life-time access.
  • $250 if you can grab their 20% off. The sales coupon code usually in their 5 Days Blogging Course Opt-in. (I bought with $158).

Click here to discover it.

  1. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course

Come second in my favorite is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche from Alex and Lauren too.

If 6-figure Blogger teaches others the strategy to earn money from blogging, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche teaches how to grow traffic to make that strategy work.

Without traffic, hardly any business can survive and make money.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche heavily focuses on teaching others how to grow traffic to your business from Pinterest – a marketing trend noticeable from 2018 (and still be the trend until 2025, I think.)

Thanks to Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, I would be able to grow from nearly 0 visitors per month to 150 visitors per month.

Then I made my first 2 cents from Google Adsense.

The feeling that making the VERY FIRST dime from my online business was a huge motivation to keep me working.

Every journey begins from a simple step, so 2 cents from Google Adsense was my simple step, it unlocked everything: both my motivation and both my spirit.

The best I learn from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche: 

  • The MOST effective way to attract attention in the Shotgun Theory.
  • Right mindset when growing my traffic through any channel.

Earning potential:

  •  From $0 to 6-figure, depend on your execution.
  • Personally, you can earn $10 – $100 per month from advertising if your blog has traffic.
  • Earning money as a side hustle with an Affiliate for Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. Alex and Lauren offer 365 days of cookies.


  • $197 for life-time access.
  • $158 if you can grab their 20% off. The sales coupon code usually in their 4 Days Pinterest Free Email Course. (I bought with $158).

Click here to discover it.

  1. Partnership Accelerator Course 

I rank Partnership Accelerator as number 4 from the perspective as a dude who wants to travel around the world as an online marketer.

But from the perspective of a dude who wants to learn how to be a successful business owner, I rank Partnership Accelerator as number #1.

I think the skill “How to start a partnership” is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur needs to learn.

Surprise:90% of us don’t know how. So we send bad partnership emails ALL THE TIME.

(I didn’t realize my pitching email was bad until I saw how Andy Traub and his team fixed my pitching).

Lucky us, there’s somewhere on Earth teach that skill without brag.

It’s Growth University with Partnership Accelerator.

The best I learn from Partnership Accelerator: 

  • How to start a partnership even though I am an online marketer and they are musicians/ expert/ famous bloggers.
  • How to start a partnership even though I’m located in Asia and they are somewhere in Europe or lonely island with wifi connection.
  • The Hook theory. I would love to share but Andy Traub once noticed us that it’s their intellectual property so please don’t leak out. I respect.

Earning potential:

  • From $0 to 6-figure, depend on your execution.

Growth University does not offer any affiliate program. Don’t know why.


  • $500 for 4-week learning.

I bought a full price. I don’t know whether they offered a sale or discount something. If you found they have, please kindly notify me. Thanks.

Click here to discover it. ​

  1. SendFox Lifetime Deal for Sending Email 

According to Capterra:

“The average return on $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25!”

So all businesses are focusing on email from 2009.

Till 2019 and 2029 they will still do it.

Yeah, now you (and every online marketer known to man) know that email is important.

But how to send a large number of emails with CHEAP price is another challenge that the gurus & marketing agency DON’T talk about.

I’ve tried some software out there: MailChimp, MailerLite, TinyLetter… In short, I concluded that without payment every month, it’s a headache to send many emails, set up email automation as well.

Great tools like Converkit, Kartra, Infusionsoft… ask for payment every month, but expensive so… talking about a cheap solution, it’s definitely not a choice.

Then I found SendFox life-time deal as my lifesaver.

With $49 life-time, you can send unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers. You will pay $10 for every 1,000 more subscribers.

To me, it’s more than a great deal and I purchased it immediately.

Best feature:

  • Cheap but high quality.
  • Emails you send to your subscribers will go into the INBOX, not spam folder. It’s saved me a ton since while I tried Mailchimp, it went to spam most of the time (I was sooo not happy ‘bout it)
  • You CAN set up simple automation. You won’t be able to do it with the free version of MailChimp, MailerLite or TinyLetter.

Earning potential:

  • $500 to $2000 per month if you have digital products to sell to your 5,000 subscribers.


  • $49 for life-time access.

What I loved about AppSumo is that after buying SendFox, they don’t do ridiculous things to force customers to update/ pay more money for other services. They just let you do whatever you want. Quite gallant – I highly appreciate it.

Click here to discover SendFox lifetime deal.

  1. Divi Builder Lifetime Deal for Making Websites 

Building websites is hard.

(Trust me, I’ve built 7 websites in 4 years and I still need support.)

But as an online marketer, you somehow can’t escape from dealing with the website stuff.

(I know you hate tech, or hate tech guy, but money talks. Finally, to travel the world, we need money, right?)

I use WordPress as a tool to build websites, and use WordPress theme to quickly build my website.

I’ve created websites using multiple themes, from free themes to paid themes, i.e: Review Pro, Thrive Theme, and newly Divi Theme.

And I had to say, Divi Theme surprised me most.

I did build this blog with Divi WITHOUT A SINGE LINE OF CODE.

I’ve never built such a beautiful website in my life, and Divi helped me turn this dream come true by their highly customizable theme.

I can create whatever the hell I think on Divi, such as…

  • Writer style.
  • Blog style.
  • Ecommerce style.
  • Cold style.
  • And… bad boy style (if your clients like).

Also, Divi is ranked as the most popular WordPress theme in the world.

Well, they really have a point. Divi is a real badass.

Best feature:

  • The Divi library with great ready-to-publish template post and page, from Homepage to Shop page.

It helps me save tons of time. And this pre-made library is the reason why I can build my web even I don’t know how to code.

Earning potential:

  • With the skill of using Divi, you can even help your clients customize their website (with little support from a coder, of course), and earn $50 – $500 per hour as a web assistant. for online creators, agencies, and companies.

Hint: About 90% of bloggers suck with building websites so you can help!


  • Lifetime Access: $249 for unlimited websites.

Highly recommended if you want to build a business online. Since a lifetime access account can use for multiple websites, I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

Click here to discover Divi Theme.

  1. Doodly Lifetime Deal for Making Videos 

To be honest, I’m stupid at making videos.

I hate it.

Just image, Youtube went live in 2002. I knew Youtube in 2008.

In 2019, I watched about 1,000 – 2,000 videos on Youtube but I haven’t made ANY VIDEO in my life.

Talking about videos, I’m a consumer, not a creator for any moment.

But being an online business owner, I have to make videos because it’s the trend of 2020.

I can make fewer videos than other business but somehow I couldn’t escape from making it.

The video thing made me stuck for 6 months. I hated that.

Then Doodly came, as another life-saver.

Doodly is a software allowing people to make animated videos using their own image library.

What are animated videos? It’s videos with painted characters, like this:

So, with Doodly, I can make short videos explained whatever the hell I want. For example, I made a video explain my thoughts about Converkit. Like this:

Making videos with Doodly is simple. I do it with 3 steps:

  • I just drag – and – drop characters into the video, then type my contents in every scene.
  • Then I add sound (already provided in Doodly, or I record myself).
  • Finally, I exported it to a video.

With $69 for life-time use, I consider it’s a cheap deal with great value.

Best feature:

  • Making simple video with the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Cute characters.

Earning potential:

  • $0 – $2000 per month with the traffic you can get from video made with Doodly.
  • $10 – $20 per hour as video maker/ virtual assistant for bloggers who need to make videos. It’s not popular but I know there is a demand in the market.
  • $5 – $50 per video on Fiverr depend on your expertise.


  • $69 for unlimited video and length.

Highly recommended if you are stuck at video things like me. Doodly is not the only options but you need an easy start.

Click here to discover Doodly lifetime deal.

  1. Canva Free Version for Designing Pictures 

Images become one of the most important focus in online marketing.

Every big company, every small startup, every microblogging business all focus on beautiful visual.

Especially with the rise of great visual-centric platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram.



  • Nobody buys ugly products, no matter what kind of products are.
  • Nobody likes ugly featured pictures, no matter how valuable the content is.

Research shows that consumers retaining 80 percent of what they see and only 20% of what they read, it’s no wonder that if you want to earn money as an online marketer, you need to know how to create killer images for blog posts, social posts.

Normally, it costs you about $100 – $1000 for learning Photoshop, and $52.99 per month for Adobe Pro. Just to create good pics.

Canva – a drag – and – drop image builder, makes things much, much easier for you – a normal person without an artist’s soul or technical background or a Bachelor’s Degree of Modern Design.

Canva’s best feature:

  • Canva allows users to make use of customized photo filters, manipulate text, create images from scratch.
  • Canva allows users to use stock photos, designs or background images and it also provides different social media network images size dimensions all done with an easy drag-and-drop technology.

Earning potential:

  • With the skill of using Canva, you can earn from $15 – $45 per hour as a virtual assistant, Pinterest assistant for bloggers, online creators, agencies, and companies.


  • Free account: 0$ per month.

It allows you to create basic images, once at a time.

You can click here to create a free Canva account.

  1. Zoom Free Version for Screen Recording 

Recording your screen is an evitable part when you are an online marketer.


Cuz you will meet with clients.

C’ mon, I know it’s 2020 but you and your payer can not just communicate by emails.

There are many tools providing screen recording with payment every month.

But there’s a free tool which offers high-quality video call without brag (or force you to pay them). It’s Zoom.

Personally, I loved Zoom.

During 1 time as a freelancer and work mostly from home, I have used Zoom may be more than 100 times to call video with my clients, my students (I teach Vietnamese online). I never had any problem with it.

Moreover: You can use Zoom to record videos.

Surprise, huh?

Zoom offers a recording function that not everyone knows about. Personally, I found out because I had to record videos for my students and send them.

So besides meeting your clients, you can make videos using Zoom as well.

Awesome deal, especially Zoom is free if you meet under 50 people.

Best feature:

  • Recording screen without any fee.

Earning potential:

  • $10 – $30 per hour if you teach language to travel around the world.
  • $10 – $200 per hour if you hosting meetings with clients.
  • $10k – 50k per month if you run webinars, teaching skills through Zoom.

Still, remember the Partnership Accelerator I’d told you before? Andy taught us through Zoom.


  • $0 for meeting less than 50 people.

Click here to discover Zoom.

  1. Grammarly Free App for Professional English Content

Grammarly by far is my favorite tool, I use it daily.

Grammarly is an app that automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in English writing.

Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and plagiarism.

As an non-English speaker, I have a huge trouble: Whenever I write subconsciously, I will have 1 or 2 grammar mistake. It used to drives me crazy in the past.

But when I have Grammarly, all I have to do is spending 1 mintues copy my text and past into Grammarly. Done!

Grammarly will automatically detect my minor mistake and suggest how to fix it.

Best feature:

  • Free. For life.
  • Auto suggestions on how to fix grammar mistake.

Earning potential:

  • Honestly, you can earn $0 with the skill using Grammarly. It’s too easy for everyone.
  • But with your writing, you can earn $10 – $500 per posts as a freelancer writer.


  • Basic account: Free for life.
  • Premium account: $11.66 per month. Bill yearly.

Click here to create a free Grammarly account.

  1. Paid Group “Freedom Bloggers”


Facebook Groups was the greatest solution for me in the beginning.


Because starting an online business/ being an online marketer is FUCKING LONELY.

No matter where you live, Texas, Dubai or Thailand.

No matter how many parties you take, twice per week or 7 per week, at the very end, when you go back to your room, turn on your laptop and write pitching email, you WILL feel lonely.

Groups/ Communities is the cure for that problem.

There’s a bunch of groups on Facebook, but I’d find paid groups help me most.


Because it’s a place of high-quality people, who actually pay money to learn something. Maybe $10, $100 or even $2000. They dare to pay. So their spirit, their motivation is much stronger than the rest of the crowd.

“Freedom Bloggers” is a group created by Alex and Lauren for their students, who bought their online courses (from $197 to $697, depending on the number of courses).

I find “Freedom Bloggers” gather many high-quality bloggers, writers, designers, coders, coaches who are ready to help you by commenting on your question.

I’ve joined “Freedom Bloggers” since Dec 2019. Since then, I’ll on it every day.

It becomes my daily inspiration.

What I love about the group:

  • More than 1k members who are starting a business.
  • Have questions answered most of the time you ask.
  • Read insightful experience from friends who really DID things.


  • You will join the group for free if you bought one of 6 courses by Alex and Lauren.

When you request to join, you’ll be required the email you use to sign up on the courses for them to check. Then you’ll approve if you really purchase the course.

To me, “Freedom Bloggers” group is the bonus after buying courses I sooo appreciate.

Discover 6-Figure Blogger, Pinterest Traffic Avalvanche and join the group here.

  1. Free Group “ClickFunnels Official”

Beside paid groups, there’s a ton of free groups out there.

To tell the truth, not every of it worth your time.

But I found “ClickFunnels Offical” is an exception.

As mention in my post “9 Best Online Business Tools You Must Know in 2020”, ClickFunnels is a tool for setting up selling sequences that generate sales.

ClickFunnels hosts a facebook group to support their customers. It’s why “ClickFunnels Offical” is born.

The great thing? Even though you are not a client of ClickFunnels, YOU CAN STILL JOIN it for free.

What I love in the group:

  • Dynamics community with 200k members. New posts, comments every day.
  • Insightful posts/ comments from guys who ACTUALLY do something.
  • Motivational vibes. Seeing many people is working makes you want to open your laptop too.

But in the groups, there still have self-promotion here and there (you can feel it when you read the posts).

Besides, too much income reports posts will demotivate you if you are just starting out and making $0. It’s just a natural part of the journey, so don’t let those negative emotions affect you.


  • $0. You can join even when you are not a ClickFunnels customer.

Join the group here.

  1. Free Group “Connect The Adventurous Soul”  

It’s the group created by me. (Yoooo!)

I create this group because I want to keep myself motivated first.

Wanting to travel around the world is a lonely journey.

Especially my friends around me don’t intend to do the same thing.

But not for environment, I turn off my own inner light.

So I want to create a community which shares the same mindset with me.

It’s why “Connect The Adventure Soul” is born.

In the groups, I will share:

  • Tools and tips I use to set up my freedom life.
  • Truly experience while setting up my tiny business.
  • Experience or tips about great destinations in the world.

What I love in the group:

  • Connecting, finding friends from all over the world.
  • Motivational vibes. Heading to a life that allowing us to travel around the world, y’all!


  • $0 if you have a friendly, positive mindset.

Click here to come and join me!

This is 14 resources (courses, tools, and groups) that help me a ton in setting up a freedom life.

Which resources do you like best?

Hit reply and share it with me!



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