9 Step to Travel The World as a Online Marketer

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You want more money but don’t know how? Let’s use the method that has proven working well since 1937 – I did create a journal template for you.

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Today, I’ll share with you 9 steps (I learn and use myself) to travel around the world and work from home as an online marketer.

I believe traveling around the world is the gift from everyone, since the wealth in the Middle East to the poor in the 3rd World (me included).

If they are lucky enough to arm with knowledge, hard work, persistence.

No matter what social background you come from, I believe we all have the right to proud of ourselves and pursuing our dream.

Step #1: Firmly Decide “I Want it”


You can’t do what you don’t want.

It’s a rule that rules your mind.

Just like losing weight, you have to seriously commit to the goal of losing weight. If you do, you’ll do what it takes to burn calories. If you don’t, you can’t lose a gam.

It explains why people want to travel the world, but 95% wouldn’t make it.

Only 5% can turn this dream into reality.

Because 95% don’t make a decision with their mind that they “want it”.

So, before doing anything else, please decide whether you really do want to travel and then go from there.

If you are stuck at this part, I recommend reading my other posts: 5 Steps I Follow to Prepare for Traveling Around The World

How can you make a decision with your mind?

I’ll give you 1 simple tip.

Let’s imagine…

Remember to the day you marry/ love someone.

Do you have to reluctant to decide whether they are your real love?

In most cases, nope.

We don’t reluctant when he/ she is our real love.

Because we know it. Since the moment we fall in love, we’ve already known this is love.

(If we reluctant, high chances he/she is not “the one!)

More important: We don’t even need anyone to teach us “this is love”.

We know it without a doubt.

I call it “the decision”:
  • It’s a thing you know you’ll do it without a doubt.
  • It’s a firm call in your heart.
  • It’s something you consciously decide to do.

Decide you are in love with someone just like deciding that you will travel around the world as an online marketer.

  • It’s a firm call in your heart.
  • It’s a strange feeling that you will complete it.
  • It’s something you consciously decide to do no matter what others say.

So, the first step is making a decision.

3 Step to Make a Decision:

If traveling around the world is your real thing, a real dream, please follow this 3 step:

  • Put your right hand on your chest.
  • Look yourself at in the mirror.
  • Speak calmly and firmly: “I travel around the world”.

If you are stuck at this first step, maybe traveling is not your thing. You can stop reading this blog until you find out your thing. Again, I recommend reading my other posts: 5 Steps I Follow to Prepare for Traveling Around The World

Decision books I recommend:

Talk about the importance of the decision in success, I think these books are great:

  • Principles by Ray Dalio.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills.
  • Self Made Ladies by Mia Fox.

Being honest, after reading those books, you will find a hidden gap between principles of books and in reality. There’s a secret behind the secret, it’s why I created my courses to share my own experience with “the secret behind the secret”.

But these books will give you a solid knowledge of manifestation.

If you feel no obstacle, congratulations!

Let’s come to step 2.

Step #2: Prepare for The Hard Work

To travel around the world is not hard.

It just asks you to work a little bit hard.

So let’s prepare your mindset: ready to work seriously.

Why hard?

Just imagine: traveling around the world like attending college.

How long does it take you from a freshman to a skilled worker?

Cha-ching! 4 years.

You’ve been through the whole process:

  • A freshman.
  • Learn basic lessons.
  • Join clubs, network with friends.
  • Apply for the first internship ever.
  • Anxious for the interview.
  • Get accepted, work hard to prove that you’re worth it.
  • Get used to working, become a real white-collar worker.

It takes years and courage from you to master anything. Software engineer, writer, Public Relations… all is the same.

The same with traveling around the world as an online marketer.

Just like a job, traveling around the world as an online marketer need a set of skill.

You don’t have that set of skills since born.

You must learn. Like learning a new bachelor’s degree.

What do you need to learn?

Learning asks for courage, hours of practice…

  • Invest money to learn.
  • Learn how to become an online marketer.
  • Take an internship.
  • Failing at pitching.
  • Failing at providing a great customer experience.
  • Failing at handling problems.
  • Saying sorry to your customers.
  • Control personal finance.
  • Receive money for your work.
  • Control the money flow in and out.
  • Being confident in the end, feeling all things become easy…

If you haven’t done it before, it’ll like new to you.

Let’s treat it like the way you treat your major. It’s all new to you.

I won’t hide the truth: it’s not easy. It can take you 3 years instead of 1 year to grow your career as an online marketer then traveling around the world.

Preparing for the hard work.

Can it be easy?

Honestly, traveling around the world as an online marketer can be easy if you are one of those:

  • Marketers already.
  • Writers, designers already.
  • Online Teachers already.
  • Marketing Director, Creative Director.
  • Software Programmers.
  • Learning marketing major, software program major at school.
  • Rich.
  • Come from a wealthy family/middle-class family.
  • A member of the Royal family.
  • Hold a powerful passport: US, UK, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia.

If you do not belong to any of the above, sorry it’s no easy.

If you wish for something easy, it’s better to stop the dream, or switch into other’s blog (who said it “easy) and discover the truth slowly.


  • In the end, you’ll realize how hard it is.
  • I knew it because I’ve been through this process.
  • Lucky me, I accepted the truth, continue working.
  • Many had left the journey, back to daily work and accept a normal life.

Step #3: Define Your Strength

What is your strongest skill? You must understand your nature.

How to define your strength?

Let’s see how I define my strongest skill.

I ask myself: “What can I do since I was a kid?”

Here is my answer:

  • I can write pretty well in Vietnamese.
  • I can draw cute animated characters.

I kept asking: “What can I do since I grew up?”

  • I can tell a story pretty well.
  • I can detect the advantage and disadvantages of customers’ fingerprints.
  • I have rich experience in discovering mental blocks (myself and my customers).
  • I have rich experience in detect human core values (myself and my customers).
  • I have rich experience in detecting personal life goals and other life goals, using all the tools I know.
  • I can sell pretty oke.
  • I can build a website, write, design pretty decent.
  • I can do basic marketing. Not for a big corporation but for a small startup is ok.
  • I can teach Vietnamese. (Since I can write, I can tell a story, it’s easier to teach Vietnamese).
  • I can create web, blogs, images, videos… I’m a creator.

So, in conclusion, while it comes to online marketing, I have advantages:

  • Authencity by drawing fun things, write honest facts.
  • Telling stories well.
  • Detecting customers need well.
  • Handing various task well.

I found the best job suitable for my strength is:

  • Marketing for my own authenticity (my company, shop).
  • Being an assistant for various tasks, paid hourly.

So this will be my way.

This is the process of how I define my strength.

5 questions can help you:
  • What can I do since I was a kid?
  • What can I do since I grew up?
  • What criteria online marketing needs?

Usually, it’s: creativity, understand the customer journey, create authenticity, create stories, tell stories, detail execution, flexible, write, design, code, tech research, tech talent… Which one suits you best?

  • What type of jobs online marketing have?

In short, there are 2 main types of jobs: Personal assistant, (paid hourly). Being designers, writers, coders… (paid hourly or project-paid). Or being boss of the online marketing department (if you are already at this high level, high chance this blog doesn’t help you much).

  • In general, what is my strength?

You don’t have to be hard on yourself while answering this question. Just guess. Guess what is your strength, keep the answer. There’s no problem if you are wrong. You can always change a better answer later.

My support:

If you are really stuck at this part, I can offer some help.

  • Set up a 1:1 call with me and I’ll be able to help you to detect your strength.
  • I do it for free.
  • If you want to pay back, you can donate to a charity that I trust.
Self-help books I recommend:

Talk about manifestation, I think these books are great:

  • The Secret by Linda Brone.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills.
  • Self Made Ladies by Mia Fox.

Being honest, after reading those books, you will find a hidden gap between principles of books and reality. There’s a secret behind the secret, it’s why I created my courses to share my own experience with “the secret behind the secret”.

But these books will give you a solid knowledge of manifestation.

Step #4: Talk To People Who Did it

I wish I had someone tell me this tip from the day I start.


I started dreaming about traveling around the world since 2013, but until 2016 I did a little bit of it.

Here’s why it took me so long:

  • I didn’t know what to do.
  • Nobody guides me.
  • I didn’t know how to have someone guide me.
  • I didn’t join any community where people did it already and ask.
  • I earned money without a proper strategy and costs me 3 years (2016 – 2019) to realize it.

I have learned a hard way to understand: When you have a goal, the next step is to talk to someone who did it.

Its value:
  • It can inspire you (or demotivate you).
  • You may gain some useful insights into how to achieve your career.
  • You can learn a few tips that no university/ courses teach you.
  • It keeps you on momentum.
  • It keeps your desire to keep burning instead of going down.
  • They can even support you if you are lucky.


What I’ve learned so far: Best tips usually the tips don’t write in the book.

Since 2019, each time I want to do something, for example, registering my own company, the first thing I do is post a question on Facebook Groups. I find people who did it then I ask.

How to find people?

You can begin by searching these:

  • Do you have a friend, family member or colleague who always seems to be traveling? Find their Facebook, Twitter.

Let’s set up a cafe (you’ll pay of course) and ask. If they’re far away, just meet online.

Talk to that person and find out how they make online marketing career happen.

  • Searching “online marketing groups” on Facebook Search Bar and joining top crowded 10 groups.
  • Searching “online marketing” on Quora, reading 10 answers with 10k votes, take note of what you learn, message to the author.
  • Send me a message and I’ll answer what I know.

Be aware that you can send messages to 10 people but none reply.

Don’t worry about it.

Keep sending messages, until the 1001st, there will be someone help you.

Step #5: Begin Executing from Day 1 

Assume that when you reach that point, you’ll already have…

  • Firmly decide you “want it”.
  • Prepare for working hard.
  • Define your strength in the online marketing world.

Now it comes to the brutal part: execution.

Execution example?

Don’t overcomplicated about execution.

It’s not printing your name card with the title “online marketing gurus” on it. It’s not going to networking even then introducing yourself as a world-class online marketer.

It is action. Just that.

  • It’s creating a LinkedIn and upload your profile picture.
  • It’s signing up in a famous name on the online marketing industry, i.e: Neil Patel… and see what they write.
  • It’s signing up in Deplao’s mailing list and see how I creat my authenticity.
  • It’s attending free online marketing courses on EdX, Coursera and take note of what you’ve learned.
  • It offers your friend for free to help them with designing pictures, with handling a blog post… even you don’t know much about it.

Simple but powerful.

You are doing toward your goal.

You are better than 95% of people out there: the dreamers with no execution.

How to execute the right way? 

The right way to make your travel come true is executing a little bit, then learn the proven strategy to modify your execution.


Why not learning the proven strategy first, then executing later?

Because you are a newbie.

  • You have a mental barrier to break: it’s lazy.
  • Execution first to break your laziness.
  • Then learning the proven strategy to make you do the right way.

It’s an easy and fast way.

What happens if you focus on learning first?

  • You’ll be paralyzed with the amount of knowledge you must absorb.
  • The more you know, the more you become lazy.
  • You’ll develop another habit: the analyze guy. You spend days and weeks planning, I hope that you will come out with a perfect plan.
  • You’ll develop another mental block: the perfection wish. You want to be good, but you realize you must do many, so you procrastinate yourself then do nothing.
  • Procrastination can last for years.
  • In the end, you quit.

This is not a scenario. This is the fact did happen with many, including myself. It’s why it took me 2 years from 2017 – 2019 just to get out of procrastination things, start doing. I hope my case will not happen again with you.

Step #6: Learn a Proven Strategy from The Experience

If you decide you’ll become a virtual assistant in the online marketing field, so you should learn a proven strategy from the experience.

Courses I recommend learning:

Here are all the courses I learn to prepare for my career if you are interested.

A part of it is the strategy for online marketing since online marketing is vital to online business.

  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanche for increasing traffic.
  • Partnership Accelerator for starting a partnership while pitching to your clients.

If you want to travel around the world as an online marketer, I believe you should know what those courses teach you. Strategy, marketing, partnerships are the three things you can’t live without.


There’s many fake courses, bad course out there. As a beginner, you rarely sense it.

Tips while learning:
  • I recommend don’t spend over $200 – $500 on an online course.
  • If it costs you $1000, you’d better watch it (follow (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Groups) for 1 year before enrollment.
  • Don’t invest all in one course. Save money for yourself to take a different chance.
  • Most courses have a discount on holiday, Black Friday (around 10% – 25%). Enroll in their email list and wait.
  • Personally, I found courses around $197 – $297 has enough value for you to start.
  • Some courses are much expensive, for example, $500 but it’s not online courses. It’s online learning plus a little bit of personal coaching.
  • Don’t spend over $500 for a thing which doesn’t offer you some personal talk, personal coach.

To see all other free courses I recommend, read these articles: Top 50 Best Free Online Marketing Course for You

Step #7: Manifest and Keep Balance on The Journey

I’m on doing this part. I do manifestation every day, besides trying to keep balance on the journey.

What is manifest?

What is manifestation? Why do you need to manifest your goals?

I believe manifestation is one of the most important steps to success as an online marketer.

Manifestation is the process you order your mind to do something until the time you get the experience.

Why manifestation needed?
  • Your mind is powerful.
  • Your mind creates your experience.
  • Whatever you want in your life, if the wishes are strong enough, it will come true.
  • You won’t be able to travel around the world as an online marketer if you can’t overcome mental blocks in your mind.
  • You can use manifestation to discover and remove these mental blocks.
How to manifest?

I did manifest to get the opportunities to go to India, then Nepal, then Singapore in 2017. I’ll write detail about my manifestation and key takeaways in an upcoming blog.

Personally, this is how I do for my upcoming journey:

  • I write a clear goal into my notebook, copy it into Word, paste it into my Sticky Note on Samsung Galaxy J4.
  • I imagine the day I travel around the world as an online marketer with a clear picture in my mind.
  • I print the pictures with the places I travel then stick it into my board at home. I call it my vision board.

On this day, I’ll be in Pokara, a city I loved so much, take a cup of Russia Chivas on a cafe shop, look down the Lake Street, in a cold of 17 Celcius Degree, slowly feeling every hint of cold wind flows through my hands.

I’ll sit by my Mac Pro, slowly write my fiction.

I love this feeling. I loved this experience.

Even right now, while I write this blog post in a coffee shop, with a hot tea (my favorite drink), I still can feel the amazing feeling in Pokhara in early morning.

  • I talk with my mind, order my mind to bring opportunities to me to work as an online marketer.
  • I order my mind to help me create the flow of money for me. Slowly but stable, steady.

Manifestation is complex progress, it asks for persistent to overcome mental blocks, some of it you didn’t realize that you have.

So I’m on creating an in-dept course about “How to manifest for traveling the world” from my own experience. Join the waitlist here.

Manifestation books I recommend:

Talk about manifestation, I think these books are great:

  • The Secret by Linda Brone.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills.
  • Self Made Ladies by Mia Fox.

Being honest, after reading those books, you will find a hidden gap between principles on books and reality. There’s a secret behind the secret, it’s why I created my courses to share my own experience with “the secret behind the secret”.

But these books will give you a solid knowledge of manifestation.

Why keeping balance?

Because if you don’t keep balance, you’ll develop some mental blocks that prevent you from going anywhere.

It’s the truth.

I discover this truth in the middle of 2018, while I was on a heavily focus phase to think about what I would do to travel around the world.

But during that time, I didn’t take care good enough for my health. My health went down since then.

Moreover, I didn’t take care well about my relationship with my family. It’s not really terrible, but not relax as well.

Both combined a heavy feeling in my heart, which I didn’t realize it was a mental block.

I carried these mental blocks for over 1 year until November 2019.

During these years, many of my attempts to take jobs, switch jobs, learning jobs, creating a business, sales… were fail miserably but I couldn’t understand why.

I mean, I did try but why things suck?

Then after sessions of…

  • Soul-searching.
  • Personal coaching.
  • Energy coaching.
  • Singing bowls therapy.

I found out my inner blocks.

(It’s really a hard way).

The feeling of missing the family connection, not fully enough in my life did prevent me from making my dream come true.

Realizing that, I’ll back to take care of myself and reconnect with family at the end of 2019.

As you know, Cgiff.blog was born at the end of 2019, and it goes strong since 2020 when I become feeling better.

In short, keeping balance in your life is another vital part of making your travel come true.

How to keep a balance?

The first step is to define the thing/ value that makes you happy.

In my case, I kept asking: “What are things making me happy?”

Here what it is:

  • Freedom & heath.
  • Family wellbeing.
  • Financially stable.
  • Friendship lasting for life.
  • Honesty.
  • Bring real value.
  • Having joy in working.
  • Working less, playing more.
  • Challenging myself to the fullest.
  • Overcoming challenges by my own intelligence.
  • Proving my name and ability to the world.

I kept asking too: “What work I love to do?”

  • Having the freedom to design each of my days.
  • Bringing joy to my family and true friends.
  • Experiencing the world to the fullest.
  • Experiencing extreme emotions: happy and desperate, peace and dangerous.
  • Designing a great fiction world that touches millions of hearts.
  • Writing a great novel in 50 years.
  • Drawing my lovely pictures, characters…
  • Coaching others how to set up their life goals and break mental blocks.
  • Investing in Forex and gain stable profits.
  • Nurturing my own assets.
  • Enjoying singing, playing music, pole dancing.

I kept asking myself: “Is my life surrounded by those values and activity?”

I found out I was lack of those things:

  • I have freedom but for lack of health.
  • I don’t have a good connection with my parents, sisters.
  • I don’t struggle with finance but it’s not easy as well.
  • I have a long friendship but I haven’t talked to them for nearly 2 – years.
  • I work too much, 7 days per week without rest while my dream is playing more.
  • I haven’t proved my name enough to feel satisfied.
  • I’m nurturing my own assets but not to the level I’m happy.

Knowing that I took actions:

  • I took Yoga class for beginner and learn Yoga (a little bit struggle – Yoga was not easy for a thinker like me).
  • I called my mother more frequently, talked nonsense things but fun.
  • I called my dad, asked for his heath.
  • I texted my sisters more.
  • I ordered my mind to bring me more opportunities to earn money. It did. My income increased a little bit.
  • I began to reach out to my old friends, set up a cafe. Talking nonsense but feeling relaxed.
  • I took days off when I felt exhausted.
  • I focused on my blog as a way of proving my ability.
  • I kept track of my blog, my jobs, my email list, my customers’ satisfaction as a way to track my asset growing.

Just after 1 month I focused on myself, nurtured the part I lacked, I felt relax to a level I never felt before.

Money, feeling, blog, business… all things slowly to feel better.

So, if keeping balance is important to me, it’ll be important to you as well. We are all human and our subconscious brain somehow is programmed in the same way.

7 questions help you keep the balance:

Here are the questions I personally use and it works great. You can follow my trait:

  • What are things making me happy?
  • What work do I love to do?
  • Is my life surrounded by those values and activities?
  • What activity/ value I am lacking right now?
  • What action will I take to fill it?
  • Execute now or when?
  • What results do I get?

Keep taking these quizs until you feel your inner heart is in peace. Congratulations! You success.

Step #8: Prepare for Backpack and Go 

Now, you’re on set and ready to go. You just need some preparation. Here are some tips I learned myself while I planned for 2017.

Have a Clear Picture About Your Travel 

The human brain is moree sensitive with pictures, emotions than text and unclear thoughts.

Moreover, your subconscious mind understands pictures/ images wayyy better than unclear thoughts.

So, to get your travel come true, you’ll better come up with a clear picture.

In the manifestation world, they usually call this step is “to make your vision board”.

What to have on your travel picture:

What I will do on my traveling?

  • Somebody goes to travel to find friends with benefits and enjoy drinking. So they may prefer big cities, they may stay at hotels, hostels near the city center.
  • Somebody go to experience all the best services and food in the world. So they may stay at great hotels, eat at famous restaurants.
  • Someone goes to experience the local culture. So they prefer rich cultural cities, visit museums.
  • Someone goes to experience, local people. So they love to hitchhiking, stay at local people’s home and play with local guys.
  • Someone goes to experience a lifetime experience. So they have a very clear destination, i.e: Go to Kakaxilin dessert in China, study in Shaolin Temple for 1 month in China (it’s me), trekking K2 Base Camp in Pakistan, go to the south pole from Ushuaia…

What’s yours? Write it down.

Which places you will visit?

It depends on your interests.

The place you want to visit usually resemble something you don’t have in your life; or you want to learn more in your life.

  • I don’t think I have enough adventure in my life so I head to Africa and the Middle East.
  • I want to learn more about Buddhism so I’m put my heart in China, Nepal, and India.

What’s yours?

Which travel way do you want?

It can be…

  • By plane from each country, then walk or hitchhiking.
  • By hitchhiking and no-fly.
  • By RVing through states (in the US) or countries (in the EU).
  • By motorbike. It’s rare, but I know a guy crazy successful with it.
  • By bike. Crazy but possible.
  • By… walk. Monk may do it. Bless them. Tons of courage.

Note your way on your notebook.

How many days do you want to spend?

It varies with different people and different goals.

  • With me, I intend to spend 5 years to heavily focus on traveling. Then I will travel occasionally.
  • Someone will have a plan to travel for 6 months after college, university, high school. On my road, I met many girls and boys like this.
  • Someone will have no end day. They keep going until they decide to stop.

What’s your style?

Set a budget on your mind

How much you want to spend?

The answer may vary from $0 to $ infinity.

  • Usually, it’s about $500 to $1000 in most countries.
  • In developing countries, you can manage well with $400 per month.
  • With expensive places like Australia, it can be $2000 per month.
  • Someone claim they travel with $0.
  • Someone tell that they spend $2 per day.
  • Someone blows away $5000 in 1 month.

The budget will heavily depend on your needs.

Personally, I don’t like traveling for free.

Because I will feel that I own tons of people when I eat and they pay, I stay and they pay… I don’t like seeing myself barely survive by other kindness.

All of the begging, asking, calculating things… to get something for free simply is not my way.

I like to be fair.

For example, if I stay at someone’s house for free, I’ll take them to a nice restaurant in town and paid the bills. It’s my way to honor this friendship.

  • With that intention, it may cost me $1000 per month for 5 years.
  • Plus fights, travel insurance, I estimate it costs me around $1000 – $2000 per month to travel the world.
  • So I set my budget at $2000 per month.
Have A Travel Savings Account

This is an important step.

Why a travel savings account?

Because small money matters.

You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save if you save some dollars for travel per day.

For example, $2 per day (half price of an Americano) can turn into $720 after 1 year.

Guess what you can do with $720?

It’s 1.5 months with beaches, hostels, and cocktails in South East Asia.

So, let’s ask yourself: “Do I have a savings account?”

If no, let’s think about starting one from now.

You can do it by:

  • Creating a separate savings account in your bank.
  • Transfer (by yourself or automation) an amount of money into that account 1 time per day or 1 time per week, month.
  • Set a solid withdrawal time (6 months, 1 year) and you can’t withdraw earlier.
  • If you think you can’t control yourself, you can give ownership to a trusted family member or friend.

You can see the amount of money is small, but it will grow after days.

Learn Tips And Tricks

“The best tips are those not written in Lonely Planet.”

I believe so.

It’s not easy to wander around in a strange country, with little money on hand.

For example, how can you go across India – Nepal border cheap?

Many will say: Use the bus. Around $35 from Varanasi (India) to Kathmandu (Nepal), via Lonely Planet, will say so.

But I discover a way just cost me $5. It’s using the local bus.

The $35 bus mentioned in the book is the book for tourists. Tons of backpackers, with heavy bags, weird clothes will join together on a safe bus then drive directly from Varanasi to Kathmandu. You are safe and sound.

But how about the locals? Thousands go through Sunaili cross border every day. For work, for business. It’s not easy to spend $35 every day.

So they use the local bus. It is an old-fashioned, dirty bus drive from the Varanasi bus station around 5 pm every day.

Tickets cost you around 300 rupees, around $5. The bus will drop you at the Sunauli bus station, then you follow the locals to find a dark, small pave way to go into the main road leading to Sunauli cross border.

It’s dangerous, especially for the lonely female traveler, but it’s cheap. And thrilling as well.

(Thanks to the guy who sold tickets for me but the bus didn’t wok on Holi, I asked for money back, I went to the bus myself and found this way.)

It’s only one of the tip can turn your experience to the most amazing day in my life, and it isn’t written on Lonely Planet.

Only those who are on the road for a long time can share these practical tips. So take note right away when you’ve heard it!


Think Outside The Box

You can have an amazing landscape in an infamous city. It’s true.

Don’t imprison yourself by just visiting a famous destination. Paris, Melbourne, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur… is not enough for seeing the world.

When I’ve been in Myanmar, one of the best sightseeing I’ve seen is the mountain in Hpa’an.

Guess what?

Rarely tourists here.

I’ve just gone through it by chance because I wanted to go to the Mae Sot cross border to Thailand.

Hpa’an is a hidden gem that completes my Myanmar journey but not everyone knows its beauty.

Beauty is not in a big city all the time.

Thinking outside the box, backpacking to some strange city, then you’ll be amazed.

Step #9: Enjoy and Have No Regret 

Book The Trip!

Now it’s time.

You’ve been working, saving.

Now time for a flight out of your dear home, starting your dream journey.

I usually book tickets through:

  • Traveloka.
  • Skyscanner.

But I prefer Traveloka since the final prices are with tax already. It saves me time.

Usually, we’ll book cheap flights, so there are no refunds.

So when you book it, it’s really – go or lost the money.

This may be the greatest moment in your life when you make your dream come true.

And you make it happen by yourself. By hard work and dedication.

Have No Regrets

People said: “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

I’ve seen people regretting not taking travel.

I’ve never seen anyone regret taking too much travel, excerpt those who sacrifice their family to go. (Again, I press the importance of keeping balance here. We don’t sacrifice family for anything, do we?)

So, enjoy your travel and have no regret!

You do the things that fulfill your heart and your soul in the long run. I know it’s real, so have no regret.

Good luck with your journey.

May God bless you all.

You’ve read 9 steps I follow to prepare for traveling around the world as an online marketer.

Which part is your favorite? Hit reply and share it with me!


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