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This is a website founded and developed by Deplao (it’s me).

Who is Deplao?

Deplao is my pen name. 

I am a Vietnamese writer, online marketer, drawer and traveler, based in Ho Chi Minh City. 

I started writing at the age of 18 as a part-time journalist for a teen magazine. 

Until 25, I’ve experienced 7 years as a Vietnamese professional writer.

Then I decided to close my chapter as a Vietnamese writer to open a new one: being a business owner as well as a global citizen, an online marketer, and a traveler.

What is Cgiff.blog?

Cgiff is the abbreviation for Crazy Girls In Flip-flops.

I started the project “Crazy Girls in Flip-flops” since 2017 when I was 23. 

Until 2019, I turned 25 and decided to go all-in into “Crazy Girls In Flip-flops” and Cgiff.blog  officially went live since then.  

I take “Deplao” as my pen name because it fully represents the spirit of “Crazy Girls in Flip-flops”. 

Deplao means flip-flops in Vietnamese. 

Normal people think women need to be calm, discipline in high heels with a 9-to-5 job.

But I thinks differently.

I believe women can be happy even we are crazy and walk freely in flip-flops. With a job allowing us to travel all around the world.

There’s still a place on Earth respecting our true personality. 

If there’s no place, I’ll create it. It’s here.

The goal of Cgiff.blog?

The goal of Cgiff.blog is to create content specifically for the readers of the website within 50 years (2057) at that time).

The target audience will be 3 million readers all around the world, who love being free and taking new adventures.

Why I started Cgiff.blog?

For readers – to share stories

The main reason why I founded Cgiff.blog is that I want to share the stories that I have seen, heard, experienced.

And around you, around you are lots of lonely people. Loneliness in the home, at work, in the family, in marriage, in happiness and even despair.

Besides, a lot of people yearn. Poverty is thirsty for money, rich is thirsty for happiness, failure is thirst for success, success is thirst for serenity, nothing is thirsty, all is thirsty for something …

Because of thirst, because of loneliness, we feel sad, we feel empty, we feel depressed, we go on wandering.

I want to write stories for everyone – let them find a companion for less boredom, less emptiness, less sadness. Stories with no morals, no teachings, just stories, because I’m so tired of morality, maybe you too.

# 2: Pursuing my passion in writing

I am interested in writing. I think I will stick with writing for a long time. Besides, I am interested in psychology, religion, meditation, media, brand and social issues.

I tend to like to understand the nature and core of things, things and phenomena. I find out because I want to see the truth.

While making this website, I want to thank those who have come and gone through my life.

In one way or another, they give themselves the opportunity, the opportunity, the experience, the environment to work, to be offered, to be right and to be wrong.

From there, I gradually realized who I am.

I think this life is an extremely interesting thing if you know how to dig every corner of your head, in life, at work, in failure, in the family, in joy and sadness, in great things. and bullshit… out to tell the story.

Welcome to the ride. The journey of Cgiff.blog will have lots of fun, and I’m happy to see you are one of them.

See you next time,



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