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You want more money but don’t know how? Let’s use the method that has proven working well since 1937 – I did create a journal template for you.

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Note: This review only for who want to be a digital marketer (to travel around the world!)

“The money is in the list.” 

What list?

It’s email lists.

It’s what top marketers and marketing “guru” say:

“The bigger the list is, the more money they make from it.”

So to earn money as a digital marketer to travel around the world, there is one thing that you should know:

It’s how to use the best marketing tool for 2020. 

There is so many marketing tools…

  • Getresponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Converkit
  • Mailerlite
  • And more..

But one of the outstanding and fast-growing marketing tool is Converkit. 

So, what skill set you – a digital nomad to be – need to master, is using Convertkit for growing. 

So, in this ConvertKit review today, I’ll not only share the pros and cons of Converkit, I’ll also share some of my own email tips.

(And, I am current Converkit customer and I earn money from it. I’ll share the pros and cons of the features, the pricing, how to effectively use it and more.)

If you don’t want to read text, you can watch the video instead.

What is Convertkit?

What (the hell) is Convertkit?

It’s a great email marketing tool for digital marketers, bloggers and small business owners.

Digital marketers use Convertkit to send mails to their…

1- clients for work.

2- customers for advitersing.

3- blog readers to sell ebooks, courses.

4- friends to keep connect.

Do I Need Convertkit for My Job (Digital Marketing)?

Do I need Convertkit for my job (digital marketing)?

The answer:


Converkit is one of the best choice.


It’s 2 reasons.

First reason:

As a digital marketer, you NEED a email marketing tool.

Because email will help YOUR clients…

1- earn money every month.

2- build trust with customers.

3- keep relationship with others partners.

=> Email is your clients’ most important assets in this digital age.

Your clients need sending emails. Like this!

=>> You NEED to know how to send…

1- good emails.

2- beautiful look on mobile & desktop.

3- can be tracked (open or not).

4- can be reported to your clients.

Because… it’s YOUR JOB as a digital marketer. You earn money when you know how to increase subcribers for your customers as the pic below. It grows through time.

2nd reason:

Among email marketing tools, Converkit is one of the simplest to use.


1- easy to use

2- deliver emails well to customers’ inbox folder

3- not tooooo expensive to afford

My Converkit Rating

  • Ease of Use – 100/100
  • Stability – 95/100
  • Customer Service – 95/100
  • Price – 80/10

Pros of Converkit

  • Super easy to use
  • Great design
  • Unlimited lead magnets for one campaign
  • Simple to set up an email series (which called sequence)
  • Non-tech guy can still use it well

Cons of Converkit

  • Limited ability to deal with cold subscribers
  • Mid-price product, not a cheap software

Do I Need Convertkit if I Want Both: Work and Travel?

Do I need Convertkit if I want both: work and travel?

Let’s be clear:

You NEED A email marketing software to do a good job.

Converkit is only ONE of many email marketing softwares.


Converkit is NOT an option for you if…

1- You look for a cheap software.

2- You want a free mail software.

3- You don’t focus on earning income by email marketing jobs.

4- You’re an digital marketing experts for 10 years & you need a powerful mail softwares with deep analysis.

5- Your clients is big corporate, big agencies who need profession reports with A/B testing, detailed numbers.

Convertkit is a good choice for you if…

1- You want to grow your most important asset: your fans – your email list.

2- You want to develop your own blog, your own audience, sell your own stuffs & grow your own business. 

3- Your clients is bloggers, creators & small companies – who need an email marketing software to increase sales. And your job is to write mails, send mails for them.

You can sign up for Converkit 14-day free trial here!

Use it free with no risk to actually test how do you feel!

After signing up, let’s fill this form to receive a bonus from me: How to use Convertkit (worth $99). I will send you FREE! 

Learn to be a digital marketern a limited time! to travel around the world!

Overall, it’s a great email marketing tool for bloggers and small business owners.


Overall, ConvertKit is a great email marketing tool for bloggers, online creators, and for online marketers who offer service for bloggers and creators. 

It’s SUPER easy to use and has a great design.

In addition, it has all the features it needs for a serious blogger or a digital product seller.

You can try ConvertKit for 14 days free here.


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