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Hi, long time no back.

During 3 months I was working a ton to create

Not sure it’s perfect, but it reflect me more and more everyday.

Begin from now I will publish content regularly, about 2 posts per week.

And I would connect with authors in the writing field more through partnership, guest blog, guest emailing.

It’s great if I have the opportunity to join a podcast.

I used to unfamiliar with the US blogging style. But not anymore.

I’m now a different version of who I was in August 2019.

To transform, I let the fear go away.

And practice. Real practice, a ton. Thinking style, writing style… transformed it all.

There’s no change without serious work.

Hey darling,

So strang to see my dream come true.

Slowly but steady…

P.s: I feel in my heart there is a fire…

Last updated on Oct 23, 2019. 


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