What is Online Marketing And 7 Steps to Become an Online Marketer?

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You want more money but don’t know how? Let’s use the method that has proven working well since 1937 – I did create a journal template for you.

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In case you already know about online marketing, please click here to jump ahead to the vital part of this article: “7 steps to become an online marketer”.

Why do you know my blog, Cgiff.blog?

High chances are you haven’t meet me offline.

(Because I’m an introvert, I don’t meet people much. Most of the time I work independently.)

  • You may see Cgiff.blog through a picture on Pinterest.
  • You may follow a friend’s recommendation.
  • You may see my Facebook ads.
  • You may see I comment at a random blog.

Anyway, it’s not meeting offline, not attending aa workshop, not cafe chat.

You know me completely online.

To make you know me online is my job, as an online marketer.

So, today I’ll introduce you to marketing online.

(In case you are an online marketer expert already, this blog maybe not for you. You can save time by clicking the x button. But I’m glad if you can drop me a line here and we can start sharing about how great our job is.)

What is Online Marketing? A Step-By-Step Guide

Online marketing is marketing made… online. Simple.

Oh no, don’t get mad then punch me in the face. I’m telling you the honest fact without brag.

To understand what is online marketing, you’ll need to understand “what is marketing” first.

What is marketing?

As said Investopedia, “Marketing refers to activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Some marketing is done by affiliates on behalf of a company.”

If this definition sounds so hypothetical to you, try this: “Marketing as a discipline involves all the actions a company undertakes to draw in customers and maintain relationships with them.”

If you still feel dizzy, try me: “Marketing is talking to strangers that I am doing something, I am selling something in many ways. To make strangers buy me or my products then happy with it.”

  • Networking with clients is part of the work.
  • Writing thank you emails.
  • Crafting welcome gift cards
  • Playing golf with a potential client.
  • Returning calls and emails quickly on behalf of the company.
  • Meeting with clients for coffee or a meal.

… all of it is marketing.

So, what Is Online Marketing?

Just imagine you do all the tasks about, but online.

It’s online marketing.


  • Networking with clients. Through emails, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter…
  • Writing thank you emails. Send it online, not print offline.
  • Crafting welcome gift cards. Send it online through emails, Facebook.
  • Playing golf with a potential client. It hardly happens online so this activity won’t happen except you can play golf… game with clients.
  • Returning calls and emails quickly on behalf of the company. Online, of course.
  • Meeting with clients online by Zoom, Facebook Call, Whatsapp Call…

… all of its is marketing online.

Simple enough?

To sum up, online marketing is every effort to talk about you, your product, your company on the Internet. To convert strangers to buyers.

Online marketing related to Brand 

Online marketing can also be crowded and competitive. Although the opportunities to provide goods and services in both local and far-reaching markets are empowering, the competition can be significant. Companies investing in online marketing may find visitors’ attention is difficult to capture due to the number of business also marketing their products and services online. Marketers must develop a balance of building a unique value proposition (UVP) and brand voice as they test and build marketing campaigns on various channels.​

An Overview of Online Marketing

The process of doing online marketing

The first step to getting started with online marketing is to evaluate your goals and make sure they are measurable.

  • Are you hoping to sign up 100 new customers?
  • Generate 1,000 leads to fuel your B2B sales process?
  • Build an email subscriber base of 10,000 people?

After that, you need to choose how to construct an online presence that helps you achieve that goal and create a corresponding marketing strategy for these channels.

  • Maybe you need to set up an e-commerce site.
  • If you’re interested in blogging to drive awareness and subscribers, look into setting up a blog and strategize on how to create great content that would encourage sharing on social media channels.
  • Partnering with a customer that is willing to evangelize your business by creating a case study or infographic can be powerful social proof as customers are evaluating your company.
  • A simple website or landing page with a lead capture form can help you start developing your brand and generating traffic.
  • A basic analytics platform (like Google Analytics, which is free) can help you start to measure how you are tracking your marketing efforts towards your initial goal.
7 major categories

Notice: Online Marketing has a difference with digital marketing (at some point). I’ll write about it in the upcoming articles.

Online marketing is a vast field and changes frequently years after years as technology changes.

But at the time I wrote this article, online marketing has 11 major categories that you’ll need to know (if you want to become an online marketer).


  • Content marketing (Video marketing, Webinars marketing)
  • Social media marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • SEO (search engine optimization).
  • SEM.
  • Pay per click advertising (or PPC).
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We’ll break down every category and see what it has.

To make this post become down-to-earth more than any blog you read, I’ll share 1 outstanding example (I mean – a human being do online marketing) in each category.

Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content is “the things that are held or included in something”.

But in marketing terms, content usually refers to information made available by a website, blogs, emails… in many forms available. It can be:

  • Articles, blog posts…
  • Images.
  • Video.

Talking about content marketing…

  • It’s the process where marketers try to create valuable (in many forms: video, images, articles…)
  • Share it to future customers. At the right moment when they need it most.

Here are some related articles talking about the importance of content marketing:

Why content marketing?

Content marketing plays a vital part in becoming an online marketer. It’s more important since not everyone can craft the great content (99% can’t write well!)

If you can write good content, you can never go wrong in the online marketing world.


You know Google is one of the greatest search engines on Earth. They want to rank the best website for their clients to read.

Then in a Q&A with Google in March 2016, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said the two factors that Google care about websites were links and content:

“I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.” ( Andrey Lipattsev)

Now you understand why content matters.

The best search engine on the online world cares about content.

Humans, in fact, were driven to buy mostly by reading good content.

For example, if you work for a brand new real estate agency, this agency will need…

  • Good information (a kind of content) on their website to attract readers.
  • Good pictures (a kind of content) in their office to catch readers’ attention.
  • Providing good value (another kind of content) on the sale process to pursue readers to buy their houses in stock.

If you and your clients are not Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Pepsi (the already famous one), the only way for people to know about you (a non-branded dude) is through content.

So on top of all the online marketing fields, content marketing is the thing you should care about most.

But what if you don’t want to blog? Well, you don’t have to. Here are the different forms of content marketing and how you can use them to fit your own business goals.

Forms of content marketing

Talking about “content”, most will think it’s writing, articles, blog posts.

Contents come in many different forms than just writing.

Content comes in almost any form than writing.

As Neil Patel said, content can come in almost any form. It includes….

  • Infographics
  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • How-tos
  • Polls
  • Case studies
  • Guides
  • PDF downloads
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Tutorials
  • White papers
  • Research

For example…

  • Justin Bieber earns millions of dollars by creating his music, video clips, and tours, which is a kind of creating content appealing millions of people.
  • Another example is your comment about Justin Bieber on Youtube, is another kind of content. You may not attract millions of people to read your comments, but at least you provide some useful information.

As an online marketer, content is my major focus. You should, too. If you want to learn online marketing to travel around the world.

But don’t think good content must be blogs, articles, writing!

Don’t stress yourself about it. If you are not born to be a great writer, it doesn’t matter.

Simply find your content niche, starting creating new and organic content ASAP.

As long as you are creating any kind of valuable content your audience needs to know, you can never go wrong.

For example, if you are not gifted in writing since born, you still can…

  • Design pictures then post it on Facebook.
  • Handwriting on papers, take a picture by your iPhone, then post on Instagram.
  • Talking about your experience, record it, upload your voice on Youtube.
  • And every way you can think of.

Just remember, focusing on valuable content and you can never go wrong.

But how to create great content that sells?

It’s a difficult question that I will write a long article about it in the future.


Social media marketing

What is social media?

Sound like a joke when asking this question, but I don’t say it to brag.

I’m asking you the real thing: “What is social media?”

Many will say “Social media is Facebook, twitter…”

They are right, but what I try to explain here is the basic of the field:

  • Social media is the platform that needs the internet to join.
  • Besides, it helps a person connect to another person (and another person).
  • On that platform, people will create content.
  • They can share content and interact with others’ content.
  • Content can be video (Youtube), text (Facebook), image (Instagram)…

Example of social media? There are thousands of social media platforms out there.


Now you know how big social marketing is. I mean, it’s almost your whole world.

How social help business owners?

From the very beginning day of social media, when SixDegrees was born in May 1997; to the spread of Facebook in 2020, social media totally change the way business owners interact with their customers.

With social media, business owners and marketers can do things easier, such as….

  • Share the information about the company to potential customers.
  • Grow the number of people aware of the company (aka traffic).
  • Build relationships with customers online without meeting them offline.
  • Engage with customers in both formal and friendly way.
  • Send information about products and services to potential customers in seconds.
  • Even sending products to customers and getting paid online is totally possible nowadays.

With the growth of the social media empire, there’s a ton of company run mostly online, from acquiring customers to offering customers services. I can name a few: ClickFunnels, Converkit… They still do events offline but offline is not their major focus.

If anyone can use the power of social media, he/ she wins in the business world.

I’ll take an example: Dave Ramsay.

If you can master the art of helping your clients grow through social media, you absolutely can make a decent living as a social media marketer (a niche of online marketing).

And you HAVE to master the art of growing using social media, because…

Nowadays, it’s almost the only possible way…

  • For a young
  • No-brand name
  • Coming from developing country/ rural countryside/ urban city guys
  • Without a great family background
  • Like you
  • To be successful in a short time (1 – 3 years).

Talking about how to make a decent living as a social marketer, I’ll write an article about it in the upcoming year.

Hint: There are two major playgrounds for you to grow as a social media marketer/ specialist.

Grow traffic by organic reach 

And your job, as a young, dynamic social media marketer is to create whatever kind of content you can to increase traffic.

The most powerful way to grow traffic through organic reach is through viral content.

It’s why nowadays there are soooo many funny contents, shock contents, sex-related contents that are born with the hope of going viral to increase traffic.

And yes, you’ve discovered 4 kinds of content has the strongest power on social media:

  • Funny content.
  • Shock content.
  • Sex-related content.
  • Valuable content.

I really valuable content can beat the “sex sells”, but unfortunately it rarely happens.

The sad news is growing traffic by organic reach is getting harder and harder nowadays. Because most social platform earns money by advertisement, so they will be amazing for organic reach for a while to appeal to customers, then slowly tighten it.

A famous example is the change of Facebook.

  • Back in 2010, Facebook was a great place to spend time since it’s full of organic content, no ads, no sex sells, no brags.
  • Business owners are happy with Facebook since their organic reach is around 50% – 80% of their fans.
  • But till 2020, Facebook makes its users sick by consuming too much advertising on their newsfeed without stop.
  • Business owners see the steady decline of their organic reach, from 50% to 5% – at the rock bottom.
  • What a pain since they’ve already poured tons of money on Facebook during those years.

So if you aim to…

  • Become a social media marketer.
  • Using organic reach to help your clients
  • And if you can do it real…

…there’s a ton of clients who will invite you to work with them. You’ll earn a fortune.

But let’s ready for…

  • Constantly research for new social media platforms if the old one is harder.
  • Ready to change the way you grow traffic as the platform changing, or the old platform change itself.
  • Non-stop research for the newest way to grow traffic since effective methods in social media expired fast.
Grow traffic by paid social advertising

There’s another way to grow your career as a social media marketer. You help clients grow traffic through paid social advertising.

I chose this way.


Because the social media world is turning into a paid game.

It’s so hard if you don’t pay. Like the old say: “There is no free meal”.

So I want to learn the art of spending money with great return on investment (ROI) than learning how to grow traffic for free.

I mean, both skills are needed, both ways are worth considering, but the first one is better in the long run.

In fact, advertising is the best money maker of social media platforms. They are far smarter than me to recognize it. So they do it consistently.

From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora… All platforms now push the advertising hard, there’s less and less place for organic and free traffic.

They develop their own way of advertising.

  • For example, Facebook uses “Facebook post” with display text and image.
  • Instagram is focusing more on images, less text.
  • Twitter is for growing traffic through short text, with a short link to a website.
  • LinkedIn advertising is not for everyone, but it’s great for HR company aims to high-achievers (normally hard to reach) since the users are white-collars, managers and CEO.

I chose to be a Pinterest Ad Specialist.

But to have a look in detail about all kinds of advertising, I’ll come up with a new article in the future. (Stay tuned and let’s support me by registering your email).

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Neil Patel said it perfectly:

“The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people end up buying thanks to your marketing. It’s based on revenue sharing.

If you have a product and want to sell more, you can offer promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program. If you have no product and want to make money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer.”

For example:

I’ll have a product named “The Practical Vietnamese Handbook When You Visit Vietnam” (under development). This e-product is for those who first visit Vietnam, don’t know Vietnamese, but they need to communicate with the locals.

The product will price at $29. Not a big deal, right?

Let image, a friend next door, Rose, has an Australia friend coming to Vietnam this May. Rose introduces this ebook to him, he buys it.

As the owner, I – Deplao, will send to Rose $5 as a thank!


Rose earns her first $5 as an affiliate income.

It’s how affiliate goes. Base on revenue sharing.

Notice here: I don’t take anything from Rose’s friend. He buys through Rose or not through Rose, he still pays $29.

Affiliate marketers’ jobs?

It’s helping your clients (who own products) get their customers, and get paid.

Usually, your clients only pay when the sale success. It means if your customers ask for money back, you’ll get no $$$.

You’ll be paid based on how much money you bring to your clients.

Since then, we can foresee that affiliate marketing is hard.

Anyone tell you affiliate marketing is easy maybe try to sell you something. (An online course on affiliate marketing?)

Why affiliate marketing is hard?

  • Register to affiliate network is not hard.
  • Setting up an affiliate blog post is not hard.
  • Share your thoughts on the affiliate product is not hard, too.
  • But your paycheck is directly connected to sale revenue.

So it’s fucking hard to get a good chunk of income (around $3000 – $5000 per month) from affiliate marketing.

Most people come up with cents or a few dollars per month as an affiliate marketer. They struggle to make ends meet.

Those who success is the one…

  • Already put an enormous amount of work onto their marketing platform.
  • Or they are super smart.
  • Or they work long enough to have readers loving them.
  • Or they are famous and have an audience already.

I don’t mean you should give up affiliate marketing.

Never I recommend that. Reasons here:

  • In fact, affiliate marketing is the best way and easiest way for you to start your own little business.
  • It’s cost little to start, highly flexible. You can give up anytime you wish.
  • It’s also the best way to learn the way your audience thinking.
  • It’s also the best way to modify your products if you intend to create products or services for your audience.

What I mean is please don’t think affiliate marketing is the golden key guarantee your success in the online marketing field.

If you think so, you’ll soon see yourself in huge disappointment.

Please have a different mindset: if you love affiliate marketing and want to become the best in the industry, let’s prepare for working a ton until you reach the first $1000 affiliate income.

Affiliate marketing itself deserves a whole different post about it, so I’ll write it in the future.

Email marketing

Drum on! Here’s the old man: email marketing.

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is directly communicating with your readers, followers, customers through emails.

It can be…

  • Crafting emails.
  • Sending emails to readers.
  • Reply to readers’ questions in emails.
  • Chat chit through emails.

For example:

When you visit this cgiff.blog, there’ll be a cute message:

(If you don’t see this message, please drop me an mail at contact@cgiff.blog. I’ll fix it. Much thanks. And many kisses!)

  • Once you enter your email in the box, I’ll be able to send you an email at any time.
  • I can communicate with you through email.
  • I can share with you my best favorite books, courses. You can purchase or not depend on your interest.
  • And I can be (hopefully) your brand new friend.
  • We can start this relationship and meet somewhere in this vast world (if I can go there!).
  • You can unsubscribe me if you hate the way I am. I’ll cry, but I’ll be fine so please don’t worry.
The importance of email marketing?

Maybe you’re sick already before reading this part. I mean, you already knew a ton about email marketing, and you don’t need it anymore?

Maybe, but maybe not.

I have a strong belief: those who use email marketing at its best will not be here, reading this blog.

Cuz they’ll be busy building their business empire. `

Email like the old but strongest monster in the jungle. It beats most social media about loyalty prospects. Or ROI prospect.

As stated in this research, email marketing has the highest ROI comparing to all other online marketing methods.

According to this, if you sell your product through emails (with an audience already know who you are), you are 40 times more likely to have a new purchase through email than using Google, Twitter, Facebook.

Email marketing still one of the most effective marketing channels on Earth despite everyone scream out loud saying their mailbox is full of spam.

So if you can build an email database, use email marketing well and BOOM! You’re done.

  • You can do affiliate marketing.
  • You can start a business.
  • You can grow social media traffic through emails.
  • Even sending your sexy pics through email.
  • Or whatever the hell you can think of!

Don’t underestimate the old man.

In online marketing, he holds the ultimate power.

Email marketers’ jobs?

It’s so simple: Handing all things related to emails.

It includes…

  • Working with email provider: MailChimp, GetResponse, Converkit, SendFox, Mailerlite…
  • Write emails.
  • Design emails.
  • Write emails. Again. (It happens all the time, my dear).
  • Create email sales sequence.
  • Send emails to your customers’ mail list.
  • Reply to readers’ questions.
  • A more honor part that stuck 90% of bloggers out there: acquire new mails.
  • Create valuable stuff. Like “10 Best Freelance Niche to Travel Around The World?”
  • Ask random visitors on clients’ websites to give their email in exchange for that stuff.
  • Save, manage clients’ mail list.

As you can see, it’s a hard job.

The truth is tons of businesses stuck at acquiring new mails. They are craving someone who can help them out of this mess.

If you can do it, well, welcome to freedom world where you can work at home, earn a good chunk of income.

Hint: to be a great email marketer ask for hard work and thousands of hours practicing.

Another hint:

  • If you are not an English native (like me), working 2x harder is a must.
  • Besides learning the strategy of email marketing, you must need to learn how to write a readable email.
  • Email marketing requires strong copywriting skills (mostly in English). I know, it’s hard.

I don’t blame anyone nor express my feeling on discrimination of language/ place of birth, I just give you a nobody-tell-you warning before jumping in.

7. Divi Builder Lifetime Deal for Making Websites 

Building websites is hard.

(Trust me, I’ve built 7 websites in 4 years and I still need support.)

But as an online marketer, you somehow can’t escape from dealing with the website stuff.

(I know you hate tech, or hate tech guy, but money talks. Finally, to travel the world, we need money, right?)

I use WordPress as a tool to build websites, and use WordPress theme to quickly build my website.

I’ve created websites using multiple themes, from free themes to paid themes, i.e: Review Pro, Thrive Theme, and newly Divi Theme.

And I had to say, Divi Theme surprised me most.

I did build this blog with Divi WITHOUT A SINGE LINE OF CODE.

I’ve never built such a beautiful website in my life, and Divi helped me turn this dream come true by their highly customizable theme.

I can create whatever the hell I think on Divi, such as…

  • Writer style.
  • Blog style.
  • Ecommerce style.
  • Cold style.
  • And… bad boy style (if your clients like).

Also, Divi is ranked as the most popular WordPress theme in the world.

Well, they really have a point. Divi is a real badass.

Best feature:
  • The Divi library with great ready-to-publish template post and page, from Homepage to Shop page.

It helps me save tons of time. And this pre-made library is the reason why I can build my web even I don’t know how to code.

Earning potential:
  • With the skill of using Divi, you can even help your clients customize their website (with little support from a coder, of course), and earn $50 – $500 per hour as a web assistant. for online creators, agencies, and companies.

Hint: About 90% of bloggers suck with building websites so you can help!

  • Lifetime Access: $249 for unlimited websites.

Highly recommended if you want to build a business online. Since a lifetime access account can use for multiple websites, I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

Click here to discover Divi Theme.

8. Doodly Lifetime Deal for Making Videos 

To be honest, I’m stupid at making videos.

I hate it.

Just image, Youtube went live in 2002. I knew Youtube in 2008.

In 2019, I watched about 1,000 – 2,000 videos on Youtube but I haven’t made ANY VIDEO in my life.

Talking about videos, I’m a consumer, not a creator for any moment.

But being an online business owner, I have to make videos because it’s the trend of 2020.

I can make fewer videos than other business but somehow I couldn’t escape from making it.

The video thing made me stuck for 6 months. I hated that.

Then Doodly came, as another life-saver.

Doodly is a software allowing people to make animated videos using their own image library.

What are animated videos? It’s videos with painted characters, like this:

So, with Doodly, I can make short videos explained whatever the hell I want. For example, I made a video explain my thoughts about Converkit. Like this:

Making videos with Doodly is simple. I do it with 3 steps:

  • I just drag – and – drop characters into the video, then type my contents in every scene.
  • Then I add sound (already provided in Doodly, or I record myself).
  • Finally, I exported it to a video.

With $69 for life-time use, I consider it’s a cheap deal with great value.

Best feature:
  • Making simple video with the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Cute characters.
Earning potential:
  • $0 – $2000 per month with the traffic you can get from video made with Doodly.
  • $10 – $20 per hour as video maker/ virtual assistant for bloggers who need to make videos. It’s not popular but I know there is a demand in the market.
  • $5 – $50 per video on Fiverr depend on your expertise.
  • $69 for unlimited video and length.

Highly recommended if you are stuck at video things like me. Doodly is not the only options but you need an easy start.

Click here to discover Doodly lifetime deal.

9. Canva Free Version for Designing Pictures 

Images become one of the most important focus in online marketing.

Every big company, every small startup, every microblogging business all focus on beautiful visual.

Especially with the rise of great visual-centric platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram.



  • Nobody buys ugly products, no matter what kind of products are.
  • Nobody likes ugly featured pictures, no matter how valuable the content is.

Research shows that consumers retaining 80 percent of what they see and only 20% of what they read, it’s no wonder that if you want to earn money as an online marketer, you need to know how to create killer images for blog posts, social posts.

Normally, it costs you about $100 – $1000 for learning Photoshop, and $52.99 per month for Adobe Pro. Just to create good pics.

Canva – a drag – and – drop image builder, makes things much, much easier for you – a normal person without an artist’s soul or technical background or a Bachelor’s Degree of Modern Design.

Canva’s best feature:
  • Canva allows users to make use of customized photo filters, manipulate text, create images from scratch.
  • Canva allows users to use stock photos, designs or background images and it also provides different social media network images size dimensions all done with an easy drag-and-drop technology.
Earning potential:
  • With the skill of using Canva, you can earn from $15 – $45 per hour as a virtual assistant, Pinterest assistant for bloggers, online creators, agencies, and companies.
  • Free account: 0$ per month.

It allows you to create basic images, once at a time.

You can click here to create a free Canva account.

10. Zoom Free Version for Screen Recording 

Recording your screen is an evitable part when you are an online marketer.


Cuz you will meet with clients.

C’ mon, I know it’s 2020 but you and your payer can not just communicate by emails.

There are many tools providing screen recording with payment every month.

But there’s a free tool which offers high-quality video call without brag (or force you to pay them). It’s Zoom.

Personally, I loved Zoom.

During 1 time as a freelancer and work mostly from home, I have used Zoom may be more than 100 times to call video with my clients, my students (I teach Vietnamese online). I never had any problem with it.

Moreover: You can use Zoom to record videos.

Surprise, huh?

Zoom offers a recording function that not everyone knows about. Personally, I found out because I had to record videos for my students and send them.

So besides meeting your clients, you can make videos using Zoom as well.

Awesome deal, especially Zoom is free if you meet under 50 people.

Best feature:
  • Recording screen without any fee.
Earning potential:
  • $10 – $30 per hour if you teach language to travel around the world.
  • $10 – $200 per hour if you hosting meetings with clients.
  • $10k – 50k per month if you run webinars, teaching skills through Zoom.

Still, remember the Partnership Accelerator I’d told you before? Andy taught us through Zoom.

  • $0 for meeting less than 50 people.

Click here to discover Zoom.

11. Grammarly Free App for Professional English Content

Grammarly by far is my favorite tool, I use it daily.

Grammarly is an app that automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in English writing.

Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and plagiarism.

As an non-English speaker, I have a huge trouble: Whenever I write subconsciously, I will have 1 or 2 grammar mistake. It used to drives me crazy in the past.

But when I have Grammarly, all I have to do is spending 1 mintues copy my text and past into Grammarly. Done!

Grammarly will automatically detect my minor mistake and suggest how to fix it.

Best feature:
  • Free. For life.
  • Auto suggestions on how to fix grammar mistake.
Earning potential:
  • Honestly, you can earn $0 with the skill using Grammarly. It’s too easy for everyone.
  • But with your writing, you can earn $10 – $500 per posts as a freelancer writer.
  • Basic account: Free for life.
  • Premium account: $11.66 per month. Bill yearly.

Click here to create a free Grammarly account.

12. Paid Group “Freedom Bloggers”


Facebook Groups was the greatest solution for me in the beginning.


Because starting an online business/ being an online marketer is FUCKING LONELY.

No matter where you live, Texas, Dubai or Thailand.

No matter how many parties you take, twice per week or 7 per week, at the very end, when you go back to your room, turn on your laptop and write pitching email, you WILL feel lonely.

Groups/ Communities is the cure for that problem.

There’s a bunch of groups on Facebook, but I’d find paid groups help me most.


Because it’s a place of high-quality people, who actually pay money to learn something. Maybe $10, $100 or even $2000. They dare to pay. So their spirit, their motivation is much stronger than the rest of the crowd.

“Freedom Bloggers” is a group created by Alex and Lauren for their students, who bought their online courses (from $197 to $697, depending on the number of courses).

I find “Freedom Bloggers” gather many high-quality bloggers, writers, designers, coders, coaches who are ready to help you by commenting on your question.

I’ve joined “Freedom Bloggers” since Dec 2019. Since then, I’ll on it every day.

It becomes my daily inspiration.

What I love about the group:
  • More than 1k members who are starting a business.
  • Have questions answered most of the time you ask.
  • Read insightful experience from friends who really DID things.
  • You will join the group for free if you bought one of 6 courses by Alex and Lauren.

When you request to join, you’ll be required the email you use to sign up on the courses for them to check. Then you’ll approve if you really purchase the course.

To me, “Freedom Bloggers” group is the bonus after buying courses I sooo appreciate.

Discover 6-Figure Blogger, Pinterest Traffic Avalvanche and join the group here.

13. Free Group “ClickFunnels Official”

Beside paid groups, there’s a ton of free groups out there.

To tell the truth, not every of it worth your time.

But I found “ClickFunnels Offical” is an exception.

As mention in my post “9 Best Online Business Tools You Must Know in 2020”, ClickFunnels is a tool for setting up selling sequences that generate sales.

ClickFunnels hosts a facebook group to support their customers. It’s why “ClickFunnels Offical” is born.

The great thing? Even though you are not a client of ClickFunnels, YOU CAN STILL JOIN it for free.

What I love in the group:
  • Dynamics community with 200k members. New posts, comments every day.
  • Insightful posts/ comments from guys who ACTUALLY do something.
  • Motivational vibes. Seeing many people is working makes you want to open your laptop too.

But in the groups, there still have self-promotion here and there (you can feel it when you read the posts).

Besides, too much income reports posts will demotivate you if you are just starting out and making $0. It’s just a natural part of the journey, so don’t let those negative emotions affect you.

  • $0. You can join even when you are not a ClickFunnels customer.

Join the group here.

14. Free Group “Connect The Adventurous Soul”  

It’s the group created by me. (Yoooo!)

I create this group because I want to keep myself motivated first.

Wanting to travel around the world is a lonely journey.

Especially my friends around me don’t intend to do the same thing.

But not for environment, I turn off my own inner light.

So I want to create a community which shares the same mindset with me.

It’s why “Connect The Adventure Soul” is born.

In the groups, I will share:

  • Tools and tips I use to set up my freedom life.
  • Truly experience while setting up my tiny business.
  • Experience or tips about great destinations in the world.
What I love in the group:
  • Connecting, finding friends from all over the world.
  • Motivational vibes. Heading to a life that allowing us to travel around the world, y’all!
  • $0 if you have a friendly, positive mindset.

Click here to come and join me!

This is 14 resources (courses, tools, and groups) that help me a ton in setting up a freedom life.

Which resources do you like best?

Hit reply and share it with me!


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